Vietnam 1968

Task Force Builder

46th Engineer Battalion, 159th Engineer Group

Rach Kein, Long An Province, Vietnam


Our Front Gate



"Today our schools still stand as mute testimony to the nobility of our actions. And we are remembered."


Hard at Work

One of our Best Sergeants

A School Being Dedicated

A Floor Going In

Another School Is Begun

SGT Gadberry starts a wall while a crew starts a concrete floor for the next classroom

Almost Ready

Ready for Dedication




My name is Michael D. Miller. I served in Vietnam in 1968, and I was located in the small Mekong Delta town of Rach Kein, in Long An Province. It was approximately 20 miles SW of Saigon. I belonged to Task Force Builder. It was a small contingent of  US Army engineers charged with building schools, medical clinics and roads for the rural Vietnamese people in that area. Some called us "Delta Builders". We shared a sector of Rach Kein with an infantry battalion of the 9th Infantry Division. Initially the 3/39 Infantry Battalion was our neighbor, then they were replaced after the Tet Offensive by the 2/39th Infantry Battalion.

Many years have gone by. Now I am sending this website out to try to relocate soldiers who who were in Rach Kein with Task Force Builder. If you know of anyone who served in Rach Kein during this period, please ask them to email me at victory@nhe.net.

We built eighteen schools. The war is long over, but our schools endure as a testament to our hard work and dedication to assisting the rural villagers of Long An  to improve their lives and their destinies. Our hearts are still with them. And when we are all gone our schools will remain, telling the world of our efforts.

I am inspired to send out this message because of the memory of my First Sergeant, David Miller, a splendid man and a great soldier. And the men of Task Force Builder were the finest people I ever served with, anywhere.


Michael D. Miller
PO Box 640
Crestone CO 81131


A Finished School (We built 18)


Announcing Our Work at a Hamlet

Walking to One of Our Schools



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Reunited Members of Task Force Builder:

"The Delta Builders"


COL George Gray Michael D. Miller Loyd Hampson
Howard Snider Henry McClernan Jack Himber
Juan Alvarez Bob Decola "Doc" Don Bee
David Miller Vincent Asselta Harry Johnson
Tom Bourn Larry Pickering Bennie Hoover
Meinrad Fillop Ronnie Heckert Michael Jiminez
Jimmy Gadberry Richard Dinius Ian McFedries
William Furr Steven Blasnyar Jim Hillegas
John Dowling Jack Prince Ernie Hinton
Daniel Burroughs "Doc" Roger Tucker Ivey Pridgen
Craig Williams

Frank Zolton

Michael Needham
Harold Linkswiler

Lowell Kinnaird

Dennis Knapp
Michael Cash Dennis Amundson  Floyd Meyer
John Rodriguez John Baca  
William Wiesmann    




Group at 2006 Vietnam Reunion in Louisville KY


Group at 2007 Vietnam Reunion in Nashville


Group at 2008 reunion in Louisville


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"I am not sleeping on guard duty. But I cannot recall why I have not noticed that the first sergeant has set the haystack over me on fire. Nor do I recall why I did not hear the catcalls and cheers of my fellow soldiers who have climbed on the roof of the school jobsite nearby to cheer for me."

Note: This hilarious moment was caught on camera to now be fondly remembered some 40 years later!

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