Reunited Members of Task Force Builder

Then (1968)... and Now


                 Howard Snider

Loyd Hampson


1SGT David Miller

1LT Mac McClernan


                    Col George Gray

Larry Pickering


Jack Himber

Don (Doc) Bee


                                    Ron Heckert

CPT Michael D. Miller


Mike Cash

Juan Alvarez


Richard Dinius

          Floyd Meyer



Harry Johnson

                      John Baca (deceased)
                                    brothers forever



      Tom Bourne

Jim Hillegas


Ernie Hinton

                   Jack Prince


L.T. Dockery (deceased)

brothers forever

Larry Muza


Jimmy Gadberry

John Dunlap


Robert Decola

1LT John Dowling


Michael Jiminez

Ivey Pridgen


Vincent Asselta

Craig Williams




       Ian McFedries

Mike Needham


Lowell Kinnaird

Dennis Knapp




Meinrad Fillop (deceased)


Dennis Amundson





John Rodriguez


 William Wiesmann

Wiesmann Now


This web page displays information and pictures of the men of Task Force Builder of the 46th Engineer Bn. We were stationed in the small town of Rach Kein, South Vietnam, from December 1967 to December 1968. We built schools, village hospitals and roads for the local people as a display of American good-will. We had a unique job in a unique and difficult war. Our work was gratifying. Our schools endure, have educated thousands of young Vietnamese, and will educate many thousands more. The schools remain as a testament to our good intentions. After we are all gone, our schools will remain....for a long while.

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