About Our Company

Rocky Mountain Alchemies, Inc

We live in the mountain community of Crestone, Colorado that is famous as a center for progressive thought and religious diversity. We have for many years devoted ourselves to studying holistic medicine and natural healing. Among the many healing modalities practiced by the members of our staff are Reiki, Reflexology, Psych-k Healing, herbal medicines, Huna medicine, and psychotronics.

The impetus for the development of our acne treatment medicine came while the company founder was attending a seminar in Louisville KY some time back. The speaker at a class on homeopathic medicine  was explaining the importance of proper cell salt nutrition to prevent acne, pimples and blackheads. She realized as a burst of inspiration that  cell salt therapy was an approach to acne medicine that had not been properly developed. This led to the work that has resulted in the development of our acne treatment medicine that is known as Acne Remedy No. 9.


Rocky Mountain Alchemies, Inc.
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