Acne Treatment: Explanation of our Ingredients

How Our Cell Salts Product Provides the Medicine You Need to Control Acne and Scars

Calcium Sulphate (Calc Sulph) is one of the key ingredients in the production of the proteins that support skin tissue rebuilding. It furnishes the cohesive forces that sustain the integrity of the skin and its tissues. One of the indicators of a calcium sulphate deficiency is the presence of white or yellow pus around pimples and blackheads. It helps the skin to heal more efficiently and quickly, and controls skin discharges.

Potassium Chloride (Kali Mur) has the job of cleansing the body's systems, including removing acne, pimples and blackheads. It is known as the mineral worker of the skin. Indications of a potassium chloride deficiency include a white or gray coating on the tongue, white powdery scales on the skin, varicose veins, and a milk-white appearance of the skin. Interestingly, it is a major remedy for scurvy.

Potassium Sulphate (Kali Sulph) has the job of getting oxygen to the cells of the skin so that they can function and be healthy. Thus it is a remedy to help speed healing of acne and assist the skin of cleansing itself of acne and infections.  A major task of Kali Sulph is to keep the pores of the skin from getting clogged, which of course leads to pimples and blackheads and acne. One of the ways that it does this is by removing oily substances from the pores to keep them open and functioning properly.

Silica (Silicon Dioxide) is needed by the body for strong skin, hair and nails. Silica is a major purging force of the skin to rid itself of acne and other infections. It is also responsible for the skin's ability to be soft, supple and elastic. As such it is an essential treatment solution for young-looking skin. Silica gives the glossy look to hair and nails. A tendency to have boils is one clear indicator of a silica deficiency. Wrinkles are another sign of a silica deficiency. Our medicine product contains silica for its ability to heal the skin on many levels, as well as its ability to rapidly regenerate cells for the faster healing of acne scars . Thus for adults, it is a great overall skin tonic.

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